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Airbus A320 - Saarland Airlines

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Airbus A320 Saarland Airlines

- Airbus A320 (A320-231) - Saarland Airlines (Germany) - OY-CNF - Düsseldorf Rhein-Ruhr Airport (DUS) - Summer 1993 -
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Saarland Airlines was a German airline founded in early 1992 by a business man in Saarland, Josef Tabellion, and Turkish partners. Their intention was to take over the flights of defunct Istanbul Airlines. Homebase of the airline was Düsseldorf and it started operations with a Boeing 737-300, followed in early 1993 by two Airbus A320 aircraft leased from Conair (Denmark). The airline mainly performed IT-flights from Germany to Turkey and Portugal. After its biggest customer, MP Travel Line, collapsed, Saarland Airlines couldn't fill its aircraft any more and ended operations in December 1993.

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