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Let L-410 Turbolet

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Let L-410 Elk Estonian
An ELK Estonian Airways Let L-410 at Tallinn Airport.

Let L-410 TurboLet

The Let L-410 is a small two-engine regional turboprop airliner, seating up to 19 passengers. It was developed and is still being built in the Czech Republic.

In 1966 the Czechoslovak aircraft manufacturer Let Kunovice started design studies for a 15-seat regional airliner to fulfill a Soviet requirement for a small passenger aircraft to replace the widely used Antonov An-2 biplane. The resulting design was initially designated L-400, but this was soon altered in L-410 Turbolet.

The L-410 is capable of landing and takeoff from unprepared strips. It was originally fitted with two all-new Walter M601 turboprops, but because of delays in the development of this engine, Let installed two Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-27s instead. With these engines, the L-410 first flew on 16 April 1969.

Series production commenced in 1970. The early production aircraft were powered by PT6As, but from 1973 Let delivered L-410Ms with the M601.

The basic L-410 was followed by the L-410 UVP in 1979. This version has a 47 cm (1 ft 7 in) stretched fuselage allowing seating for up to 19 passengers. It also has improved M601B engines. The next version was the UVP-E with M601E engines, five-blade propellers and wingtip tanks. This version first flew in 1984.

The UVP-E is the current production version and the most popular variant. An improved variant is the L-420, which has been designed to meet western certification standards. It has more powerful M601F engines, higher weights and better performance. The L-420 first flew on 10 November 1993 and became FAA certified in May 1998.

Let 410 NG The newest version is the L 410NG (Next Generation), which first flew on 29 July 2015. Production of the NG is planned to 2017. The NG is an upgraded version of the L-410 UVP-E20. It has a new wing structure with integral fuel tank and increased fuel capacity for extra range and endurance, and it is powered by two more powerful General Electric H85 engines. The new engine gearbox lowers propeller speed, increases speed and reduces external and internal noise. The nose is extended to provide 400 kg more luggage and cargo capacity.

Until 2015 more than 1,200 aircraft of all versions have been built.

Shorts 330 Jersey European

The Let L-410 UVP-E is fitted with wingtip tanks.

Let L-410 UVP-E

Wingspan: 19.48 m (63 ft 11 in)
Length: 14.42 m (47 ft 4 in)
Height: 5.83 m (19 ft 2 in)

Empty weight: 3,985 kg (8,785 lb)
Max. take-off weight:
6,400 kg (14,110 lb)

Accommodation: 19 passengers
Range: 1,380 km (744 nm)
Cruise speed: 365 km/h - 197 kts)

Engines: two
Walter M601E turboprops
(559 kW - 750 hp)


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